GGR  - Grünau Golf Resort, 2016
Art in public. Clubhouse, clubcar, 45 hole golf course
Entire district of Gruenau, Leipzig

The Grünau Golf Resort (GGR) was a fictitious luxury golf club in the large socialist housing area of Leipzig Grünau. Over a period of two months, the work turned the entirety of Grünau into a temporary golf resort that spanned across all green spaces of the settlement. In this way, the parkland and grass areas of the large housing estate became the world’s largest and most urban golf course. Both the residents and the visitors were sensitized to the qualities of the settlement and were encouraged to question the image of Grünau. At the same time, the opposing stereotypes of low social economic status associated with socialist housing projects on the one hand and the upper-class stereotypes surrounding golf were played out against each other.