Potato Room – Hommage to Sigmar Polke, 2018
Postmoderne Galerie, Westflügel, Leipzig

The artist developed Potato Room specifically for the Postmoderne Galerie. The work consists of potatos that are mounted to vertical wooden slats; one potato dangles from the ceiling. The work is a tribute to Sigmar Polke’s potato works and to postmodern realism. The order of the potatoes also symbolizes German petty bourgeoisie, which is contrasted by the Turkish pop song Kopmam Lazım by Mustafa Sandal. In this way, the work is not only a humorous reference to the German and Turkish family background of the artist, but also to current societal issues of integration and segregation. 

During the exhibition, the potatoes start to sprout, a process intended to symbolize creativity and potency. However, the degree of sprouting is determined by the environment and the visitors: If the room stays shut and dark, sprouting slows down while opening the door and switching on the light accelerates the process. In this way, the visitors change the work by accessing it.