Schinkelland, 2017
1-Channel Video, Sound, Colour 
(5:05 min.)
Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin

The work transforms the center of Berlin into the fictitious theme park Schinkelland. As evidence of its existence, the Schinkel Parade marches from the reconstructed Kronprinzenpalais to the reconstruction of the Berlin Stadtschloss and reconstructed squares, such as the Schinkel Square and planned reconstructions, such as the Bauakademie. Reconstructions are today perceived as normal and as real. The reconstructions of Berlin Mitte are a sign of the German obsession with Schinkel. The authenticity of the reconstructions is often not questioned today. Reconstructions obscure the fact that the original buildings were destroyed. In addition, reconstructions, much like in a theme park, are mostly simplified replicas of the original.